If you’ve read my story you know my journey towards becoming an advocate for the environment and recycling clothes actually started with my passion for people. Learning about injustice that garment workers face, inspired me to use my buying power to support fair trade and ethical products, especially clothing. That was three years ago—and when buying a new piece of clothing I still purchase from fair trade and ethical companies.

Many of these conscious companies also have a strong commitment to the environment and along the way it really got my attention. My eyes and heart were opened to just how much our actions are harming this place we call home. The biggest “holy smokes this is crazy” moments for me were:

      • Finding out that there is an island of plastic floating in the ocean between Hawaii and California that is twice the size of Texas!
      • Reading point blank that every piece of plastic ever created still exists today. 
    • And discovering that we are basically outsourcing our plastic problem to 3rd world countries which is creating more issues that then unjustly get blamed on those countries.

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to decrease my use of plastic, so I thought I’d share a couple of product reviews and ideas I’ve been trying. I still have a long way to go, and try to remind myself that perfection is not attainable, but I can be a heck of a lot better while still having grace for myself along the way. The challenge (although a serious one) has also turned into a game of sorts for me…how can I avoid plastic next?

1. Bar Shampoo & Conditioner

Clean up your act in the shower by switching to bar shampoo & conditioner, and avoiding plastic bottles. I’ve been using Ethique ____ since ____. At first it made my hair drier, but overtime it has adjusted. I don’t think I used enough of the conditioner bar in the beginning. Either way, I plan to try either their moisturizing shampoo bar next or ______ a bar a friend of mine recommended.

2. Indosole Flip Flops

[photo + review here]

3. Alternative Packaging for Laundry & Dishwasher Soap

[photo + review here]

4. Reusable Glass Storage for Leftovers

[photo + review here]

5. Keep Cup

[photo + review here]

6. Bite Toothpaste Stuff

[photo + review here]

7. And of Course The Classic: Canvas Tote Bags

[photo + review here]

This is in no way comprehensive. I’ve read some great posts on how to avoid plastic many comprised of 20, 30, 40 ways to avoid single use plastic. I am learning, but compared to a recycling veteran I’m at the beginning of this…

What Advice Do You Have for Us?

What are some things you’ve tried? Got any tips for me and the rest of those reading on how we can kick our plastic habits?

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