For People and Planet

Secondhand clothes empower you to make a difference! Much of our clothing ends up in 3rd world countries and is stifling their textile industries. It also ends up in landfills, which is bad for the environment! We have to change this. By wearing secondhand clothes, you can literally save pieces from piling up in landfills or places where our throw-away culture is hurting others.

Handpicked for You

With the Reclaimed Clothes Box, you will get 3 pieces of secondhand clothes delivered quarterly. We’ll pick them out specifically for you based on your style preferences, size and needs. You’ll feel so amazing knowing you are doing good simply by wearing your clothes.

We Shop for Hours So You Don’t Have To.

Secondhand shopping can be hard when you’re looking for a specific type of clothing in a specific size! We spend hours in thrift shops picking out pieces we think our customers will love, all so you don’t have to. Now you can wear your values with ease!!

Develop That Personal Style, Girl!

Slow fashion has a way of helping women discover their personal style—hello you! Since committing to sustainable fashion our founded has notice, “I’m more experimental with my clothes. I think because the foundation of the movement is about justice for people and planet, we feel less pressure to have the perfect outfit fed to us by the fast fashion industry. Slow fashion is so freeing! It’s helped me enjoy fashion so much more and is a reminder that your style doesn’t define you. You define your style, girl, and you can take new looks for a spin anytime!”

Let’s Do This!

Let’s free ourselves from the fast fashion industry. Let’s think of style differently, and let’s change the world one piece of clothing at a time!